We started Bar-D Mountain Gear after a trip to our rustic family cabin in Colorado, which is without electricity or running water.  We love to escape the city and realized that the only thing keeping us from spending even more time away, was that we very desperately needed to shower!  That's why we developed an extra-large, no-rinse body wipe that is durable (yet, biodegradable!), refreshing and capable of delivering a true full body shower substitute - no matter where you are.

But we're not just for outdoor adventurers.  Bar-D Wipes can be used after the gym, a long day at work, a sweaty subway ride, music festivals, road trips...and wherever else you need a no-rinse refresh. 

Why the name Bar-D?

(no running water + no plumbing = no toilet)  Well...no indoor toilet.  

Meet The Bar-D!  What better symbol for an outdoor hygiene company than an outhouse? That's right, we named our company after an outhouse - but not just any outhouse.  The Bar-D boasts 2 side-by-side seats, 1970's posters on the walls, and the most magnificent mountain-view.  First-time visitors are often weary of a trip to the The Bar-D, but after just one experience sitting on the can with a view of the rockies, they're on the Bar-D bandwagon for life. 

Fresh & Clean Guarantee 

We're a family-run business and take great pride in our products.  If you're not 100% satisfied with your experience for any reason, please contact us for a full refund.  No questions asked.