Large + Biodegradable

Cool + Clean. Never Sticky.


Love these wipes!  They are NOT sticky and actually make me feel clean after using!  I carry them with me for daily use after the gym, at the beach or after a long day at work.

Kristen | New York, NY

The closest thing to a shower when you're in the middle of nowhere.  Great on your butt, too!

Andy | Denver, CO

Love that these are biodegradable.  Perfect for backcountry trips where you have to pack everything out.  Its great to bury these and not worry.

Katrina | Santa Barbara, CA

Large Biodegradable Body Wipes - 10pack (Set of 3)

Buy on Amazon | [3-pack] | $13.99

Extra-Large Individually Wrapped Body Wipes (20 wipes)

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